A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A tower-defense racing game where you defend your racetrack against waves of boxy cats :3

Crates full of boxy cats are appearing near your pristine racetrack, and the cats won't stop trying to sit on the track! Construct giant cat toy launchers to distract the cats. Then, try to finish 2 laps around the track while weaving through the chaos. If you finish fast enough, you get bonus money for building towers on the next round. But if you run out of time, it's game over. 

The post-compo build contains minor visual improvements, bug fixes, and balance fixes: 

  • A new, more colorful skybox
  • Post processing effects
  • Tire animation, drift sounds, and trail effects
  • Fixed typos and other text
  • Range circles during tower placement
  • Increased car mass for better handling while colliding with cats
  • Tower projectiles no longer collide with the player's car
  • Bell turrets are taller and have more massive projectiles to make them more effective at pushing cats off of the track
  • Towers are more effective against cats in mid-air
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes


WASD or Arrow keys to move.

SPACE to accelerate (car mode) 

SPACE to place/upgrade towers (build mode)


Neko Drift! (Windows) 33 MB
Neko Drift!!! (Windows post-compo) 34 MB
Neko Drift!!! (Mac post-compo) 38 MB
Neko Drift!!! (Linux post-compo) 52 MB

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